Which oil is best for hair fall control and thickness?

Your hair health is directly related and an indicator of the body’s health and metabolism. Hair fall and damage indicate a lack of nutrients in your body. And one of the critical ways to tackle hair fall is to oil your hair on a regular basis. Oiling your scalp will help control the hair fall and also help increase the thickness.

However, you cannot just rely on any hair oil. While you will find dozens of hair oils on the market, choosing the correct one depending on your hair type and needs is very much essential and critical. Let us have a look at some best oils for hair fall and how can you choose the right one for you.

Coconut Hair Oil

Coconut oil is a household name in India, especially in the southern part. It is widely used and is one of the most popular choices for hair growth. Coconut oil is a rich source of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, which go deep in the hair follicles, helping to nourish the hair from its roots. Coconut oil keeps your hair smooth, and silky and also helps to control the hair fall. Applying the oil to your scalp helps make hair healthier, softer, and shinier.

Onion Hair Oil

A lot of research has gone into the production of onion hair oil and finding its advantages. Well, the results have shown that it contains sulphur, potassium, vitamin C, and many other nutrients which are helpful in treating the overall health of the hair. Onion oil is helpful to boost hair growth and improve its overall appearance. It works as an anti-bacterial agent for your hair and helps to keep them germ-free.

Bringadi Hair Oil

Bringadi hair oil is one of the most ancient and common ayurvedic treatments to help treat hair fall and other problems. Made from herbs like bringaraj, amla, indigo, and hibiscus, the bringadi hair oil helps prevent premature greying of hair, makes hair thicker, and also acts as a natural conditioner. It can be used for both men and women as it also works as a good oil for hair massage. Applying and keeping it for about 20-30 minutes twice a week could give you good results in a few weeks.

Olive Hair Oil

Olive oil is a combination of anti-oxidants, oleic acid, and vitamin E, making it one of the best hair oils for hair growth. It helps nourish the roots, give them a smooth texture, and also helps in reducing dandruff if applied with lemon juice. It is advised to warm the oil before applying it to your hair for better results. Olive oil works best for damaged and fuzzy hair and also gives your hair a healthy appearance as it promotes the growth of hair strands.

Almond Hair Oil

A rich source of vitamin E, almond oil is ideal to use to control hair fall. It has also shown results to help repair damaged hair. Almond oil not only helps repair damaged hair but also ensures longevity and prevents the hair from damaging again. It is a natural source of proteins and magnesium, helping in the protection of the hair and promoting healthy hair.

Argan Hair Oil

Extracted from the nuts of the argan tree, the argan hair oil has been called liquid gold because of its deep golden color. And not only does it do wonders for your hair, but argan oil is also considered to be good for your skin as well. It protects your hair follicles from getting damaged from heat and also helps grow the hair faster. It is majorly helpful for people with dry or frizzy hair and hair that are exposed to heat a lot.

You can oil your hair once or twice a week depending on your requirements. It will help increase the blood flow to the hair follicles if you apply warm oil to your scalp. You can even try mixing two or three types of oil after consulting with your doctor and checking if that would damage your hair. Avoid applying too much hair oil if you have an oily scalp. That could lead to severe hair fall.

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