Self-care at home for neck pain

Consistent neck pain can seriously impact your daily life. Neck pain or strain can occur due to working on computers or laptops, sleeping without neck support, some injury or even trauma. If you are experiencing neck pain regularly or if it’s reoccurring, there is a self-care you can follow at home.

Easy Tips for Neck Pain

There are plenty of things you should do to manage neck pain from the comfort of your home or even work.

Exercises and Lifestyle Changes

  • Gentle Neck Stretches

Neck stretches are a form of physical therapy. Neck stretches protect your range of motion in the affected region. You should perform stretches regularly in order to ensure mobility for doing everyday chores and attaining a good night’s sleep.

  • Resting

Whenever you are experiencing neck pain, sit back and relax. Overstraining and stressing your muscles can lead to total despair.

  • Mindful Meditation

Meditation does not exactly cure the pain, but it helps channelise stress. It will provide a sense of control over the pain that is troubling you.

  • Practicing a Good Posture

Sitting for hours in front of the laptop screen or watching endless shows can severely damage your back and neck posture. Try correcting your posture when you sit, stand and sleep. Take short breaks from sitting and working. Perform stretches to ensure that the muscles don’t go stiff.

Pain Relief

  • Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is easier to perform and can help increase blood flow to ensure your neck soreness is gone. Put a heat bag over the affected area, or take a warm bath before getting under the sheets. You can also use a hot/warm damp cloth or towel.

  • Massage

Ask some family member or your partner to massage you a little around the aching neck region. Massages are great for getting rid of muscle aches and spasms. In case you are looking for a suitable oil, try using Rapond-Pain relief Oil. With the goodness of 19 healing herbs, this 100% Ayurvedic oil can soothe your pain tenderly.

  • Mattress & Sleep

Poor sleep, lack of sleep or no sleep contributes to neck pain and muscle pain. You have to rethink the way you sleep and where you sleep. Your sleep posture has a lot to do about the bodily pain you are feeling. Consider investing in a mattress that supports your back and neck adequately.

How Can You Prevent Neck Pain From Getting Worse

For those working 24/7 on computers or laptops:

  • Reconsider your sitting posture and work ambience
  • Get a good chair and neck support just in case of long working shifts.
  • Use a Bluetooth headset instead of tilting your head to grip the phone while you are on call and working.
  • Don’t forget to stretch your neck every hour. Neck stretches mentioned above are easy to perform and will only take a few seconds out of your busy schedule.

Other things to keep in mind in routine life:

  • Do not drive for long hours, and if you have to, then take breaks to stretch.
  • Do not lift heavy objects as it may further worsen the pain situation.
  • Get a supportive and firm pillow. The pillow should also be of the right fill and height.


In scenarios when the pain is unbearable and excessive, it’s always better to consult a doctor for a better assessment.

Bookmark Your Guide to a Neck Pain Relief and Care at Home!

A minor change in routine can take days to set, so don’t rush with the self-care regime. Try out the measures and follow what brings you comfort. You shall always make time for yourself, and a bit of self-care won’t be that hard.

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