How to get relief from neck pain?

A stiff neck can limit your life, disturbing routine activities. Your work productivity decreases, and you become prone to health issues. Neck pain can occur due to several reasons including prolonged use of laptops and phones. This generation suffers from neck and back pain the most.


Here are few quick ways by which you can relieve neck pain:

These tips will work differently for everyone depending upon the type and intensity of pain.

Limit the use of electronic devices like Mobile phones and Laptops.

A majority of people experience severe neck and backache due to their work style. Sitting in front of the laptop can take a toll on your eyes and neck. Try sanctioning hours to work. Plan your working hours, T.V hours to ensure that there is limited screen time. If you are working from home, try straightening up your posture.

Sit properly

Correct your sitting posture. Sit with your back straight and avoid dodging over. Many times we hurt our neck by sitting haphazardly. Get a comfortable chair and a neck pillow if possible.

Stretch and Exercise

There are plenty of neck exercises that one can perform to release the strain. Simple neck rotations, shoulder movements can help with the stiff neck.

Accustom “Sleep” in your Bedroom Ambiance (reduce text in this para max 4 lines)

You have to reconsider everything related to your sleep if you are willing to get rid of neck pain and body ache. From the lighting to the mattress, every element in your bedroom determines the amount and quality of sleep you get. Dim lights, a cold room, clutter-free surroundings, a comfy bed constitutes good sleep quality. Try to follow a sleep regime, like going to bed on time and taking showers before sleep. Avoid using the pillow for some time and switch to a firmer bed mattress.

Don’t use your bed or bedroom as a workplace. Put the laptop aside and simply sleep while you hang around in your room.

Reconsider your sleeping style

Back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers are the common sleep positions. These vary from person to person as per their comfort preferences. You have to check if the sleeping posture is causing neck strain. Make sure to talk to a sleep professional or physiotherapist to know what sleeping posture will relax your neck stiffness.

Ice and Heat Therapy

It’s the oldest trick in the book and is very much effective. Ice helps in reducing swelling or redness, while heat embraces blood flow. You should go for an ice pack in case of any injury in the first 24 hours. Then switch to a heat pack to loosen up the muscles. In case of any severe stress or strain in the neck, try to consider talking to a doctor before applying anything directly on it.

Pain Relief Massages

Ayurvedic Oils are highly effective on neck pain. Those who are familiar with the healing herbs & ingredients know that these can help induce pain. Make it a habit to massage lightly the neck region or the affected region with 100% natural oils. You can try out Rapond- Pain Relief Oil that helps to reduce swelling, strained muscle and joint pains. You will notice the tender healing effect right after massaging with this Ayurvedic Oil.


No More Stiff Neck!

The next time a stiff neck irritates you, turn towards these quick fixes to make things alright. Try talking to a professional in case the pain is recu

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