Ashwagandha powder side effects: Everything you should know

Ashwagnadha is an important herb that is widely used in ayurveda to help manage stress and anxiety. One of the oldest Indian traditional medicine, ashwagandha is also beneficial in helping increase muscle strength, improve fertility in men, lowering high blood pressure, and also treating arthritis. Usage of ashwagandha powder has widely grown in the modern times with new research studies finding out more and more advantages.

It is always advisable to take any kind of medicine after counselling with a doctor. Ashwagandha powder is prescribed by the doctors to consume in small to medium doses as higher amount of doses could be harmful. However, there have been no full time studies to prove the possible side effects. However, taking large amounts of ashwagandha powder can lead to upset stomach, diarreah, and vomiting.

Ashwagandha powder side effects

A small to a medium dosage of ashwagandha powder ranges between 1000 milligrams to 6000 milligrams. Consumption of anything above this for a long period of time could cause discomfort to your body. Let us have a look at some possible side effects of ashwagandha powder.

Nausea, stomach infection and diarreah

One of the most common side effect of ashwagandha powder is gastrointestinal discomforts like nausea, diarreah and upset stomach. These side effects could be tolerable, and are easily treatable. One of the easiest ways to get rid of such side effects is to stop taking the ashwagandha powder. If the problem persists, you should consult your doctor immediately and take some medication.

Can decrease blood pressure

While this may sound like a positive thing for some people, this side effect could prove harmful to others. One of the important uses of ashwagandha powder is to help reduce blood pressure. However, if you are taking the powder along with your prescribed medicines, there are chances that the pressure could drop further, resulting in a situation where it is injurious to your health.


Taking ashwagandha powder at night before sleeping helps you sleep better and helps tackle insomnia. However, it has also been found that, in some cases, it could lead to drowsiness even during the day. It eventually interrupts your ability to perform daily tasks and make you lethargic. It has been seen that people who take other sedative drugs, along with asghwagandha powder are more prone to drowsiness.

Not safe for pregnant women

Many experts have said that taking ashwagandha powder during pregnancies is not recommended. Ashwagandha, contemporary to it’s abilities to help reduce stress, may not be a wise idea during pregnancies. It contains compounds which are known to cause miscarriages and premature birth. You should consult with your doctor if you are felling stressed and get potential treatment plans rather than taking ashwagandha.


Most of the ashwagandha powder side effects mentioned above are based on hearsay and there is no sufficient study that can fully prove the exact details. However, when you intake any kind of medicine, allupathic or ayurvedic, it is highly recommended that you consult your physician before doing so. Make sure you get your ashwagandha powder from a reliable and reputable source to avoid any adulteration.

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